We are constantly inspired by the courage and resilience of the disenfranchised women of Cambodia and South East Asia and the stories and work of women across the globe who stand for education, dignity and quality of life for all.

For over 10 years our design and production partner Peace Handicrafts has provided the disenfranchised, the hearing impaired and those disabled from polio or landmine explosions with the opportunity to become talented and accomplished artisans building their skills as well as well as their self-confidence and capacity for teamwork and advancement.

Net Effects Traders have taken what most would consider a hopeless situation and created a viable solution with the effects that will change the course for not only our Artisans and their families, but for their community for generations to come.

Net Effects Traders Founder and Director, Ardice Farrow has had the privilege to develop empowering programs focusing on impoverished women and mothers in Phnom Penh and see her vision come to fruition. Creating a training program, Net Effects and Peace Handicrafts have seen skills turn into a trade with opportunities for advancement giving economic freedom for the first time in generations. The results we’ve witnessed have been not only a sense of pride, accomplishment and teamwork but a remarkable growth in self confidence, empowerment and a future to look forward to.

We hope you share in our vision to break the cycle of poverty in a brutal environment by supporting these women and the beautiful and unique bags they have created.

One Bag Changes Everything Forever

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