The success of any product or business depends on the team.

NET Effects has the great good fortune of having an amazing team.  Every team member has a unique set of skills, expertise and history of success.  Every team member is fun loving, creative and delights in working together.  Every team member has a long standing and deep commitment to wonderful product design and craftsmanship and to contributing to the betterment of the lives of women and children across the globe.


Ardice Farrow – Founder, Director

Ardice spent two years serving as the Leadership Development Manager for a major non-profit in Phnom Penh.  Her responsibilities included developing engendered and empowerment programs for the impoverished and disenfranchised women and children of Phnom Penh as well as supervising a team responsible for distributing over 30,000 TOMS shoes annually.

Prior to that Ardice had a long and successful career as an Executive Producer and creative consultant for kids products and programs working for companies such as Apple, LucasArts, Disney and McGraw-Hill.

It was her work over the last few years in Phnom Penh that ignited Ardice’s deep affection and respect for the women of Cambodia.  She saw the dismal lives of women trapped in poverty and at the same time she saw the tremendous impact that learning a trade, getting a fair wage and having dignity and financial freedom could have on transforming their lives and their families.

Ardice became a champion of Trade Not Aid.   She was confident that savvy consumers in the US would love the unique, contemporary, upscale designs of Cambodia and feel good that their purchase was making difference in the lives of women.  Ardice found the ideal design and production partner in Yek Hong Tang and Peace Handicrafts.

Ardice is also the recipient of the US President’s Call to Service Award 2009 and 2014 and the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Service.


Angela Robbins – Business and Marketing Director

Angela has extensive background in media, sales and public relations. A former Weather Anchor and Producer, Angela’s main passion is connecting communities and businesses which led to the connection with Net Effects Traders. As Net Effect Traders East coast representative, Angela is based in Charlotte, NC, where she is also the Event and Social Media Director for West Elm Charlotte. In her involvement with many events, vendors and products, the uniqueness of the Net Effects Traders bags and their story really stood out. She is committed to sharing the fashion forward, sustainable bags to a larger audience, and most importantly the mission of Net Effects Traders, “Trade not Aid”, giving disenfranchised women of Cambodia an opportunity to break the chain of poverty and a way toward self-esteem and economical freedom.


Roxanne Rodriguez – Operations Manager

Roxanne Rodriguez is the Operations Manager for Net Effects Traders. Prior to Net Effects Traders, Roxanne’s background included over 10 years of fashion, footwear and accessories product development, management and operations.

Roxanne had the opportunity to be involved in the merger of Palos Verdes Footwear and Sbicca footwear, a 90 year-old footwear brand with a factory located in El Monte, CA. There, she was able to gain hands on factory management and product development experience.

For the last 2 years, Roxanne has helped small businesses and start-up companies expand and grow, specializing in companies with unique products and socially conscious endeavors.


Remark Media 

Katie Wagner

Katie works with B2C and B2B companies worldwide, utilizing her 10+ years of strategic communication experience and extensive media relationships to boost user acquisition for brands and establish solid thought leadership positioning for the C-level.

Lindsay Anne H.

Lindsay is a recognized media relations expert working with 10+ years’ experience working top celebrities, executives, and national media outlets. Lindsay specializes in creating media relations strategies, influencer programs, social media campaigns and partnerships to increase brand visibility, secure media coverage and drive sales.


Yek Hong Tang – Designer & Production Partner

Yek Hong Tang is the Cambodian design and production partner for Net Effects Traders.  Her talent as a designer and years of success with Peace Handicrafts’ team of artisans ensures NET Effects products are the most savvy and marketable designs and the highest quality workmanship.

Yek Hong Tang is one of the fortunate few who escaped Cambodia as a young girl during the terrors of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.  Brought up in New Zealand and educated in design and fashion Yek Hong had a flourishing career including teaching at the School of Fashion and Design in Dunedin, New Zealand and at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

In 2004, Yek Hong chose to leave behind her successful life in Australia to return to Cambodia.  Compelled to share her talents and all that she had learned, Yek took over the management of Peace Handicrafts a small socially conscious Cambodian business with only a handful of craftsmen.  She took the artisans of Peace Handicrafts to the next level teaching them high end design and production skills and grew the company in success and size.

With Yek Hong’s vast knowledge and experience the staff has expanded as she provided training priority to the disabled, the deaf and the underprivileged to ensure they gain the skills to meet her high quality requirements for export markets.  For over 10 years, Peace Handicrafts has been committed to the highest quality of design and production and has a proven track record for performance and delivery.  Peace Handicrafts has produced “private label lines” of silks and cottons and accessories for retailers across the globe.

Peace Handicrafts adheres to the principles of social responsibility, sustainability, fair wages and healthy work environments.   Since 2004, this exceptional company has been producing high quality products from woven Cambodian silks as well as exciting new designs using recycled materials.

Under Yek’s visionary management the company received the UNESCO – AHPADA seal of excellence.

Net Effects Traders is the exclusive partner and distributor of Peace Handicrafts Net bags and accessories in the US.


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