Our Cambodian Team Producing Our Latest Design

Our Easy Breezy bags are well into production. I visited our adorable team today to discover that dozens of the Black and Granite colors are already finished. And the entire design team is having fun and working hard on our order.
It is always very emotionally moving for me to visit the team and to witness first-hand the great jobs that our Kickstarter Campaign has created. 

I took a few photos to share with you and hope you can imagine how wonderful it is to see these women at work.  

The smiling lady on the left is sitting at a table because she has been left with some limitations in her ability to stand and walk due to polio and other circumstances so standing to work is too difficult for her.

These bright and cheerful ladies are checking the bags one “last time” to make sure they are perfect and folding them and preparing them to be packaged for shipping.  

In the design studio upstairs the bits and pieces of each bag are being finished and all the pieces meticulously sewn together to complete the “Easy Breezy”.  

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