Meet Our Amazing Production Managers!

Meet our amazing production managers Sokha and the talented Sothy as they get the team started producing our next order of bags.

I think you all know that I am in Cambodia now and happy to be working with our team here. The cutting and the sewing of pieces has begun. It is hard to imagine how many small pieces are sewn and then fit together in order to make the incredible Easy Breezy Messenger Bag. The Cambodian team is so excited to be working on our project and they are taking every measure to make sure the design and production is perfect. They are a joy to be around and I want to introduce you to two of our accomplished team members. Please meet Sokha. At her desk she manages all aspects of the process from the inventory of all the hardware, zippers and net fabrics, schedules for product cutting and completion schedules. The talented Sothy is an accomplished artisan and crafts woman. She is the expert in construction of the Easy Breezy and she manages the production team to oversee every aspect of the sewing and production. The zippered linings and several pieces are already under construction.

Cheers – ardice

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