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Net Effects Traders is a California LLC, a socially responsible business focused on sales and marketing of Net bags made in Cambodia by economically and physically challenged individuals who have been given training, good working conditions and fair wages.  Net Effects Traders also donates a portion of proceeds from all sales to Nothing But Nets, an organization that provides protective mosquito netting to families in need. Through our fair trade socially conscious business we are providing quality training, great work environments, good wages, dignity and economic freedom.

Net Effects Traders also conducts Special Campaigns such as “Pink – Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2015”.  A portion of all proceeds from Pink sales was donated to Michelle’s Place, Temecula, CA to help support programs and resources for women with breast cancer.


Net Effects Traders and our design and production partner Peace Handicraft in Cambodia do all we can to support green and “zero waste” processes by reclaiming and repurposing remnants and reject materials from commercial industries. Our bags and totes are made from netting originally intended for use in the fishing, agricultural and construction industries. The material is a plastic polymer, cast offs from materials originally produced in Vietnam and sold in local Cambodian markets.  Net Effects and our design and production partner Peace Handicraft purchase remnants, end of rolls and reject net left over from commercial factories.

The materials are washed and good areas are selected for cutting.  The net materials are not dyed but used in combinations to create our unique line of colors.

All netting materials, lining and bag components have been tested by an accredited US testing lab.  Bags and components meet all the standards for Prop 65 including lead and phthalates.

In addition to Net Effects Traders’ bags our design partner, Peace Handicraft, produces other bags and products working with mainly recycled materials such as:  Cement bags, fish and rice bags, paper as well as hand-made silk material from home-based weavers.


Net Effects Traders and Peace Handicraft give priority to the physically challenged (landmine victims, polio survivors and the hearing impaired) and disenfranchised providing extensive training, good working environment and fair wages.  These are people who are generally rejected by the commercial manufacturers, receive minimal education and are given little or no opportunity for employment

In our Cambodian center, we currently have 55 artisans on staff.  30 artisans work on machines, others work in preparation, pattern making, cutting, shipping, etc.  18 of our artisans are hearing impaired and we have 10 artisans who for reasons of distance or their physical challenges work at home.

In contrast to the long hours and poor wages of much of the Cambodian garment industry.  Our team works 6 days and 7.5 hours a day. Wages range from starting salaries of $140 USD per month to experienced managers at $350 USD per month.


Peace Handicraft is a socially responsible business owned by Yek Hong Tang, a Cambodian woman, who serves as chief administer, director and designer.

During the era of the Khmer Rouge Yek Hong’s family sent her to New Zealand.  She received her training in design and management in New Zealand and Australian schools and universities.  Yek Hong had a successful fashion career in Australia before returning 10 years ago to Phnom Penh to share what she had learned and to help elevate and provide economic freedom to disenfranchised Cambodians.

Peace Handicraft is Fair Trade member of The Artisans Association of Cambodia (AAC).  In 2004 Peace was awarded the UNESCO – AHPADA Seal of Excellence for handicraft products.

In addition to the design a production of Net Effects Traders bags, Peace Handicraft is currently working on a project for Oxfam, Australia.

For over a decade, Peace Handicraft has successful produced and shipped large orders of bags and clothing to European and Australian markets. Peace has a proven and reliable design, production and shipping model.  Peace Handicraft also has additional machines and the capacity to expand to meet growing demands from the US market.


Ardice Farrow is a former creative designer and executive producer for media and technology companies such as Apple, Disney and McGraw-Hill.  Upon reaching retirement age she moved to Cambodia to work with a major non-profit developing and managing leadership programs for over 1500 students and developing empowerment and engender programs for women in a small garment center and mothers in the slum area of Phnom Penh.  After finishing her contract with the non-profit she committed herself to build a business that was all about “trade not aid” and partnership instead of philanthropy.  Her aim is to have an impact on the generational poverty that traps the women and mothers of Cambodia and to connect US consumers with the amazing products, talents and people of Cambodia.

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