14 Days Update on Kickstarter

Hello All

Oh, my goodness its been a wild and wonderful 14 days. And our campaign keeps growing.  This week,  I am scheduled to do 2 interviews for magazines and today I am off with fellow inventors Julieta (Ez-On Babeez) and Dodie (Park Smarts) for a National Parks trade show. Attaching our adorable banner for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks again to all of you for being the early adopters. With a start like this we can only imagine where we can be by the end of the campaign. And you know you all are the magic secret sauce that can take us to the moon and beyond.

Kickstarter predicts most campaigns go into a slump around 14 days – but we say, “why slump when you can continue to soar?”

So, I hate to be annoying but we need your help to soar to the next level.

If you have friends or colleagues or family who travel, workout or go to Yoga we invite you to introduce them to the Net Effects Kickstarter Campaign, our story and our very cool Bōdi Bag.

To make things even more fun — You may have heard – We are doing a fun lottery – Winners will get their Bōdi before everyone else!! Here is how to play:

1. Bring in a new backer and your name will go into the hat. The more backers you bring in the more times your name goes into the hat.    If you bring in a “new” backer send us an email at friends4netty@gmail. If you already have a referral code no need to send the email.

2. On March 5 the lottery game will end and we will pull out a minimum of 12 winning names from the hat.

3. Winners will get to choose their style and color at the end of the campaign on March 30th and they will receive their Bōdi Bag in May!!! Other backers will be waiting until we complete the next production cycle and will receive their bags in August.

So just for the fun of it!! Hope you will play our lottery game.

Thanks in advance for playing with us.

Another FYI – our fabulous Cambodian team says “Hi!!” and thanks you for your support.

Enjoy the week!!

ardice & the net effects team

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